Devin Paper Paulk, born June 3rd 1989, hails from Cleveland, OH as an honest, outspoken, and passionate emcee.  Finding influence in such hip-hop greats as Jay Z, Nas, and Big L, Paulk takes pride in lyrical quality and considers his music to be soulful, heartfelt, and aggressive.

After finding true passion for music and poetry, Paulk made the decision to drop out of college, stop hustling, and focus on music as his full-time career.  In late 2012 Paper Paulk released his first single "Never Change" (featured on DJ Steph Floss' Hot in Cleveland mixtape).  Since then, Paulk has released two mixtapes, Street Dreaming Vol. I and Street Dreaming Vol. II, which caught the attention of not only major music blogs, Midwest Dj’s and publications such as Fakeshore Drive, but also Mally the Martian, the music director and producer behind Fabolous' and The Soul Tape series.

As a result of garnering such attention, Paper Paulk recently released his follow-up to the Street Dreaming series-- POWER. Power serves as Paulk's first EP and features six records sonically enticing from start to finish. Power, the first of a two disc series includes a guest appearance from Pusha T, stay tuned for “Moor Power”.